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Armando Colimodio and Eduardo Rodriguez, co-owners of Colsen in Miami, FL

Armando Colimodio and Eduardo Rodriguez, co-owners of Colsen in Miami, FL

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The Amazon Community Lending program is a partnership between Amazon and Lendistry.

Through the Amazon Community Lending program, Amazon, in partnership with Lendistry, is providing access to affordable financing for small and medium-sized businesses selling in the Amazon US store.

This program supports urban and rural small businesses in socially and economically distressed communities through short-term loans at competitive and affordable rates. Lendistry provides a fully digital experience for sellers, so they can quickly apply for a loan online and have a seamless customer experience.

In addition to providing access to critical working capital, the Amazon Community Lending program provides small businesses access to supplementary resources from Lendistry including one-on-one consulting, webinars, and on-demand educational classes, which have been tailored to meet the unique needs of these sellers.

All U.S.-based sellers are invited to learn more and determine if financing options from Lendistry are the right fit for their business needs. Business owners who identify with communities that Lendistry serves are encouraged to apply. This includes traditionally low-to-moderate income communities, minority-owned businesses, and other historically disadvantaged business owners and the communities they serve.

If you are an Amazon seller and would like more information, please visit the Amazon Seller Central page.

To contact Lendistry about other financing choices, click here.

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