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Small business owner Stacia Guzzo fills deodorant containers at her business smartypits

Stacia Guzzo and Brian Vernon, SmartyPits, Bend, Oregon

Our loan and grant programs helped these small business owners access capital when they needed it. Hear our customers’ stories in their own words.


Loan Programs

AFYA Counseling & Wellness Services — Loan

“I’m grateful that Lendistry offered this funding source and that the work still continues”

Grant Programs

Ba’al Cafe & Falafel — Grant

“When we found out we were awarded this grant, it was a huge sense of relief. People were so happy we reopened our doors.”

DifferentRegard — Loan

“We just fully appreciate Lendistry for that smooth transition”

First Priority Security — Grant

“Lendistry contacted us and said we were approved for funding. We were able to pay employees – like ‘Thank you for being with us, going through it with us’.”

No Boundaries Coalition — Loan

“After time went on, we learned about Lendistry….We were able to keep everyone on. We were able to keep our office space. We were able to continue to serve our community…”

Playbook Marketing Group — Grant

“The people at Lendistry were fantastic. They were all very knowledgable and helpful and courteous and they made the process simple. This recovery grant by Lendistry was amazing when we needed the help the most.

Pandora’s Box — Loan

“It was a sign of relief. There was help that was on its way.”

Sky Photos, LLC — Grant

“Lendistry was very helpful in working through the technical aspects of the funding programs. They provided a useful and easy to understand interface. They have been very helpful.”

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