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Small business owner Stacia Guzzo fills deodorant containers at her business smartypits

Stacia Guzzo and Brian Vernon, SmartyPits, Bend, Oregon

Funding to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Southbay Board Company

“We were never able to make enough cash to reinvest in more product and still have a cash surplus after, so we got in contact with Lendistry.”

Funding to Share Your Passion with Your Community

Palazzo Concessions

“Lendistry took the time to find out our business model, to study it, to dissect it.”


Funding has always been the #1 difficulty in this business. Then we found Lendistry.

Funding to Overcome Barriers to Entry

Camp Run-A-Mutt

“They didn’t treat me like an account number. They treated me like a human being, they respected me being a veteran and respected me being a federal law enforcement agent.”

Funding to Rebuild and Grow

California Cowboy

“Our customers were there for us and Lendistry was there for us. One of the things that have been nice about Lendistry versus a standard lending partner or bank is that they understand the way that startups operate.”


Lendistry came to the rescue and got us going in the right direction.

More Customer Stories


“I’ve always been interested in being my own boss. I just needed a platform to start from, some financial stability before I could jump into that opportunity to be an entrepreneur, and Lendistry helped me achieve that goal.”

Pilates Punx

“I was pleasantly surprised when every single call I made to Lendistry was answered in return. Next thing I know I got to go into the office to sign the paperwork and everybody I worked with along the way came out of a meeting to meet me and congratulate me.”

Grandi Italiani

“Our life is invested into this business, and that still wasn’t enough. We met the wonderful people over there, Lynn Fernandez and Patricia… they’ve been just incredible to work with and they cheered me on along the way so we could finally make it to the goal line.”


“Lendistry believed in us in a way that we believed in us as well… everything that we knew was going to happen happened because Lendistry believed in us. We’re so appreciative. It literally changed our lives to have that loan.”

White Hall Arts Academy

“Lendistry has given us the additional funding to spread our wings.”

AVID Promotions

“I was able to get working capital, I was able to pay my accounts payable, but within that I was also able to fund other avenues. I was able to bring the graphic design on board and the website.”