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Small business owner Stacia Guzzo fills deodorant containers at her business smartypits

Stacia Guzzo and Brian Vernon, SmartyPits, Bend, Oregon

Our loan and grant programs helped these small business owners access capital when they needed it. Hear our customers’ stories in their own words.


Loan Programs

AVID Promotions — Loan

“I was able to get working capital, I was able to pay my accounts payable, but within that I was also able to fund other avenues. I was able to bring the graphic design on board and the website.”

Grant Programs

Ba’al Cafe — Grant

“When we found out we were awarded this grant, it was a huge sense of relief. People were so happy we re-opened our doors. A lot of people come here to eat more than 3-4 times a week, everyone was happy and supportive.”

Camp Run-A-Mutt — Loan

“They didn’t treat me like an account number. They treated me like a human being, they respected me being a veteran and respected me being a federal law enforcement agent.”

First Priority Security — Grant

“Lendistry contacted us and said we were approved for funding. We were able to pay employees – like ‘Thank you for being with us, going through it with us.’ We were able to share the blessing with everyone else as well as take care of overhead and just be sure our company will still be here the test of time.”

SmartyPits — Loan

“Lendistry believed in us in a way that we believed in us as well… everything that we knew was going to happen happened because Lendistry believed in us. We’re so appreciative. It literally changed our lives to have that loan.”

Mojalet Dance Academy — Grant

“When you get support from someone you don’t know on a personal level and you’re like ‘they just want to help you succeed’ that is such a beautiful thing.”

White Hall Arts Academy — Loan

“Lendistry has given us the additional funding to spread our wings.”

Playbook MG — Grant

“The people at Lendistry were fantastic. They were all very knowledgeable and helpful and courteous, and they made the process simple. This recovery grant by Lendistry was amazing when we needed the help the most.”

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