A Strong Foundation to Build On

Our Contractor and Purchase Order Financing Program allows you to access qualified small business construction contractors and diversify the portfolio of contributors to your large-scale projects.

Lendistry client PIKL standing in framing for a commercial building

Kuo Pao Lian, PI.KL Studio, Baltimore, MD

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Lendistry is proud to be the first financial institution to sign the EIP pledge to improve public infrastructure contracting practices to create more prime, joint venture and equity contracting opportunities for Historically Underutilized Businesses.

Contractor and Purchase Order Financing Platform

Lendistry creates a portal for your project and contractors apply online to be vetted, qualified and funded through us, for you.

Streamlined Process

Contractors apply online and get pre-qualified, submit their bid application, then complete their document collection once approved and review with us.

Direct Funding

Once the agreement is executed, we set up a custodial bank account for the contractor and fund them for the project.

Diversity Focus

We’ll help you employ minority and women-owned firms or any small businesses that have previously experienced barriers in the construction industry due to complicated processes.


Through a variety of customized programs, we can elevate smaller contractors to be more competitive for future bids together.

Vector of an architect reviewing plan of a new building at a construction site

Smaller contractors are often at a disadvantage when it comes to competing for bids on large projects, from procurement to invoicing to having the infrastructure to truly meet deadlines. Build your project on our foundation and we can truly make a difference for both you and them. Learn more here.

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