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The “I” in Your Team: Introverts in the Office

One in three people are introverts, but often being “outgoing” is a requirement for success. If you play to the introvert’s strengths, you’ve got a productive powerhouse on your hands.

Top Irish Pubs in the USA

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! What makes an Irish pub authentic? The atmosphere is cozy and boisterous without pop music blaring. The drinks are not too fancy, and the menu doesn’t include trendy words like “sriracha” or “salad”. Molly Malone’s - Since we’re in California,...

Lendistry Welcomes Stacie Olivares-Castain as Chief Investment Officer

Stacie Olivares-Castain has been appointed Chief Investment Officer of Lendistry and will head the company’s investment management and capital raise. Ms. Olivares-Castain says she joined the small business lender because she is passionate about building ventures and...

The Most Important Marketing Tool Starts With YOU

Successful entrepreneurs agree there’s one essential skill you need before any other when you’re starting a small business or start-up.

Top Trends for Florists in 2019

Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday for the floral industry, bringing in about a third of its income for the year. This year, trends are on their side when it comes to consumer demand and expectations. The desire for locally-sourced materials is currently...

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Lendistry provides economic opportunities and progressive growth for small business owners and their underserved communities as a source of financing and financial education.

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