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Top Trends for Florists in 2019

Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday for the floral industry, bringing in about a third of its income for the year. This year, trends are on their side when it comes to consumer demand and expectations. The desire for locally-sourced materials is currently...

Love Song to Customer Retention

Customer retention is like a long-term relationship: it needs attention and care. Like romantic partners, customers needs to know they’re understood, seen and appreciated.

How to Reach the Enormous Podcast Audience

Podcast listeners are gobbling up episodes of their favorite shows in huge numbers. In 2018 the weekly podcast audience grew by six million people, and female listeners increased by 14%. With smart speakers popping up in more homes all over the country and increases...

Lendistry Announces New CFO

Lendistry Announces Deanna Bassett as Chief Financial Officer Deanna Bassett, a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of financial and operational leadership in technology-focused enterprises, has joined Lendistry in an executive position at a critical stage...

Stronger Teams Through S.M.A.R.T Resolutions

As the new year draws closer, small businesses all over the country are taking stock of 2018 and looking forward to 2019. Whether a business’ fiscal year lines up with the calendar year or not, team members benefit greatly from assessing recent accomplishments and...

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Lendistry provides economic opportunities and progressive growth for small business owners and their underserved communities as a source of financing and financial education.

Approved to offer SBA loan products under

SBA’s Community Advantage program.

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