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Believe in small business.

Lendistry provides funding for small businesses with responsible rates and transparent terms, ensuring all businesses have a fair chance at success.

  • Equal access to small business funding
  • Approval by people, not machines
  • Rates start at 6%
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Other lenders wanted us to fit into a box. Lendistry offered flexibility, and allowed our business to speak for itself. Lendistry gave us guidance, and communicated what we needed to do to be successful. We’re grateful for the opportunity, and hope we make them proud.

Infusion Partners 360

I highly recommend Lendistry to anyone who is looking for a whiz in financial literacy, small business lending, and entrepreneurship.

Sur-Ryl Marketing

Lendistry offered us the funding and guidance we needed to restructure our business. Using the consulting services offered by The Center, we relaunched our business and started fresh. We were successful in our first year, and now have a second location!

A Plus Financial Consulting

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our mission

We believe in the power of small business to create jobs, grow local economies, and strengthen communities. Lendistry provides funding for small businesses with responsible rates and transparent terms.

Our equal opportunity lending practices ensure all businesses have a fair chance at success, including those in underserved communities.

Approved to offer SBA loan products under

SBA’s Community Advantage program.