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Latest News — Lendistry Chosen to Administer NY State Small Business Recovery Grant

We’re Here for Small Businesses

Lendistry combines the speed and convenience of technology, the knowledge and guidance of responsible lending, and the investment capital of social impactors and national banks. As a minority-led Community Development Financial Institution, we are dedicated to providing economic opportunities and progressive growth for underserved urban and rural small business borrowers and their communities.

PPP Loans Originated

Small Business Relief Grants

Funding to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Southbay Board Company

“We were never able to make enough cash to reinvest in more product and still have a cash surplus after, so we got in contact with Lendistry.”

“They take the time to ask a lot more questions that surround the business as a whole, and they understand the passion that we, the owners and the operators have.”

Funding to Share Your Passion with Your Community

Palazzo Concessions

“Funding is the number one difficulty in this business. That was a challenge for us…. Then we ran into Lendistry.”

“Once we were able to connect with Lendistry, Everett and his team really got what we were trying to do. Lendistry really understood our business model and really made life a lot easier for us.”

“Lendistry took the time to find out our business model, to study it, to dissect it.”

Funding to Overcome Barriers to Entry

Camp Run-A-Mutt

“They didn’t treat me like an account number. They treated me like a human being, they respected me being a veteran and respected me being a federal law enforcement agent.”

Funding to Rebuild and Grow

California Cowboy

“Our customers were there for us and Lendistry was there for us. One of the things that have been nice about Lendistry versus a standard lending partner or bank is that they understand the way that startups operate.”