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The Business of Real Christmas Trees is as Green as it Gets

While most fake Christmas trees are petroleum-based and manufactured in China out of non-recyclable plastic, a real Christmas tree is a renewable, recyclable, and American-made product that employs local people year-round, not just on a seasonal basis.

5 Ways to Give Thanks at Your Small Business

Offering a thank you gift to your customers solidifies their loyalty and also encourages new people to become regulars. A 2011 study showed that even a small expression of thanks strengthens a customer’s and an employee’s connection with a business. Even a small gift...

Salute to Veterans Who Start Businesses

When their service is complete, veterans often decide business ownership is best for them.  While veterans make up only 7.3% of the U.S. population, they make up 9.1% of small business owners. According to the Small Business Administration, 2.5M businesses in the U.S....

Real Time Management for Real Busy People

Simple time management tricks that bring peace of mind to the entrepreneur on the go.

Namaste Your Day with Workplace Yoga

No matter where you work, a little injection of health and happiness, yoga style, is the perfect solution for stress reduction, productivity, and team building.

Our Mission

Lendistry provides economic opportunities and progressive growth for small business owners and their underserved communities as a source of financing and financial education.

Approved to offer SBA loan products under

SBA’s Community Advantage program.

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