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Lendistry customizes its highly scalable fintech platform for government and private institutions with a need to deploy capital through targeted grant and loan programs. Lendistry has administered programs across the country at the city, county, state, and federal levels, deploying billions of dollars to communities that need it the most.

Lendistry’s fintech platform was created to provide transparency, efficiency, and flexibility for program administrators.

$10 billion

Small business loans and grants

as of 7/8/24


Small businesses supported

as of 7/8/24

Scalable Platform and Program Development

  • Branded and customized multi-functional program website with application forms and data intake that have been tested and proven.
  • Extensive programmatic knowledge to convey and track eligibility criteria and sources and requirements.
  • In house customer call center with phone and online chat support for multi-lingual applicants.
  • Thorough reporting of pipeline and all data and analytics with full technology integration options.

Program Underwriting

  • Qualified data collection and verification including background checks and geocoding.
  • Tracking of state and local requirements and capital markets/private capital leverage requirements.
  • Focus on impact metrics including environmental and social and economic.
  • Fully proven credit deployment process including document and credit history review, cash flows and ability to repay, issuance of letter of intent.

Program Application Completion

  • Fully online document collection and identification process.
  • Investment/agreement assembled and executed online.
  • Fast, direct online funding.
  • Substantial expertise in minimizing fraud, waste and abuse.

Program Portfolio Management

  • Servicing includes online platform, invoicing, collections, disbursement.
  • Verified project compliance with all requirements, financial underwriting guidelines.
  • Portfolio reporting available for institutions, private capital providers, securitization, rating agencies.
  • Capital placement.

Marketing Services and Program Outreach

  • Development of resource materials for applicants with tailored branding.
  • Creation of digital and print assets for promoting the program.
  • Access to Lendistry’s network of technical and community partners to ensure program outreach is equitable.
  • Informational webinars to educate the public about the program and provide technical support to applicants.
Rudy Orona & Jorge Miagany, Tool Concept

What Makes Lendistry Different?

  • Automation paired with security and compliance
  • Multi-channel collection and administration
  • Advanced AI and human-based qualification & fraud mitigation
  • Complex fund disbursement and remittance
  • White glove customer support and underwriting team
  • Creative, grassroots marketing to underserved communities
  • Local community networks for multi-lingual outreach tech support
  • Financial expertise from a top minority-led capital deployer
Platform as a service illustration featuring laptop and people shaking hands

Lendistry’s fintech interface is designed to quickly administer capital to communities that need it the most. This proprietary technology provides transparency, efficiency, and flexibility.

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