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Lendistry customizes its highly scalable fintech platform for government and private institutions looking to deploy capital through targeted grant and loan programs.

$9.9B (Loans and Grants) and

636,000 (Businesses Supported), as of 5/1/24.

Team from small business Upshift Creative working together

Daniel Moreno, Nicholas Staal and Richard Shanks, UpShift Creative Group, Chicago, IL

What Makes Lendistry Different?

  • Automation paired with security and compliance
  • Multi-channel collection and administration
  • Advanced AI and human-based qualification & fraud mitigation
  • Complex fund disbursement and remittance
  • White glove customer support and underwriting team
  • Creative, grassroots marketing to underserved communities
  • Local community networks for multi-lingual outreach tech support
  • Financial expertise from a top minority-led capital deployer

Scalable Platform and Program Development

Proprietary technology allows Lendistry to create custom loan and grant applications, with extensive programmatic knowledge that has been tested and proven to deliver a rapid response.


Lendistry works with its partners to create branded resources to ensure a well-designed application process. Lendistry has the capability to build landing pages that are highly customizable to reflect our partners’ branding and unique identity.

Validation/Fraud Protection

 Lendistry’s experience with targeted programs has developed substantial expertise in minimizing fraud, waste and abuse.

Back End and Customer Service Support

Lendistry administers the entire application and funding process, while collecting data points to meet program priorities and providing thorough reporting.

Platform as a service illustration featuring laptop and people shaking hands

Lendistry’s fintech interface is designed to quickly administer capital to communities that need it the most. This proprietary technology provides transparency, efficiency, and flexibility.

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