State-Supported Programs

Lendistry is proud to partner with states across the U.S. through the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) to help ease the path for business owners to access affordable capital.

Rebecca Stadler, Stadler IP Law PLLC, Buffalo, NY Buffalo

Rebecca Stadler, Stadler IP Law, Buffalo, NY

How SSBCI Programs Work for Small Businesses

Illustration outlining how State Small Business Credit Initiative Programs work, starting with the American Rescue Plan Act which providing $10 billion in federal funding for the SSBCI program. The U.S. Treasury oversees the SSBCI program and administers the funds to the States, Territories, and District of Columbia. These States, Territories, and the District of Columbia then use the funds to develop one or more credit enhancement programs. The credit enhancement programs include Venture Capital, Loan Guarantee, Capital Access, Loan Participation, and Collateral support, and they act as “insurance” for lenders to mitigate risk when borrowers may not meet traditional credit requirements. Specific lenders, including CDFIs and banks, are approved to participate in these credit enhancement programs and are better able to support small businesses with financing. Small businesses apply to be considered for financing from these approved lenders.

Learn more about SSBCI programs here.

Lendistry is currently an approved SSBCI lender in the following states:

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