8 Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged 

Mar 11, 2024

Keeping your team happy is one of the most effective ways to keep your small business successful.  When people feel connected to their workplace, the work they do, and their team, they produce better results. 

This is why keeping your team engaged is key. Here are some efforts you can make as a business leader to strengthen your team’s engagement: 

  • Host themed days around the office. Themed days help infuse excitement into the workweek and encourage team members to come into the office. These can include food days, special attire themes, and interactive games. Lendistry hosts a few themed days each month. On these days, we’ve observed an increased likelihood of team members booking desks, inviting colleagues, and fostering a more collaborative and enjoyable work atmosphere. 
  • Celebrate team members’ wins. In addition to gathering for company-wide events, it’s also valuable for smaller teams within your business to come together for individual milestones, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. This not only provides a chance to celebrate, but also builds a meaningful connection outside the office, encouraging team engagement in the office. 
  • Schedule team-wide meetings. Block out time for your team to gather on a regular basis. Choosing a consistent time to meet guarantees that your entire team will have at least a bit of time together every so often. This time can be used to update employees on current and upcoming business activities, recent accomplishments, and fun happenings around the office. Team-wide meetings also give employees the opportunity to ask questions about any topics discussed during the meeting. Maintaining this form of transparency with your team will help them feel more engaged with your leadership and the business as a whole.  
  • Ask for feedback. If you want to know the best way to engage with your team, just ask them! Getting employees involved in internal initiatives opens the door for connection and enables you to learn how to best support their engagement. 
  • Support your team’s professional development. Providing resources for continued learning is a great way to engage with your team and support their careers. Scheduling trainings or workshops hosted by various departments in your small business allows team members to learn from each other’s expertise and foster their own professional growth. 
  • Create a space for company news. Your website helps customers and stakeholders stay up to date on your business’s activities, but you should also have a place for information that is relevant specifically to your team. Building a company intranet enables you to provide internal updates, celebrate your team’s achievements, and share fun around-the-office content. This can help your team feel connected even if they aren’t together in-person. 
  • Encouragement involvement on social media. Your business’s social media shouldn’t cater only to external audiences; it’s also a great place for your team to stay informed. Employees may find value in posts that share company news and achievements or spotlight team members. Make sure your team knows where they can find your business on social media, and invite them to find posts that interest them to like, comment on, and share. 

Implementing even just a few of these strategies in your small business can help you build a stronger team that feels connected and appreciated