6 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Team 

Dec 18, 2023

No matter the stage of your small business, your team is the heart of its success. It’s impossible for a business to thrive without a strong, committed, and passionate team at its foundation. 

As a small business owner, showing appreciation for your team should be one of your top priorities. Here are some small efforts that have a big impact to make your employees feel special and thank them for all they do. 

  1. Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries. Make your employees’ individually special days meaningful in the office, too, and encourage your team to show each other a little extra kindness. You could give employees a small gift or note from the whole team or provide treats to celebrate. 
  1. Recognize employees’ personal achievements. Congratulate employees for significant life milestones and when they fulfill personal goals that are important to them. You can acknowledge these occasions among your team or even share them on your business’s social media channels, as long as the team member feels comfortable. 
  1. Give positive feedback just because.  Don’t wait for performance review periods to tell your team that they’re doing a great job. Acknowledge the impact they have on a regular basis and tell individual team members when you notice them going the extra mile.  
  1. Showcase your team’s successes externally. Spotlight your employees on your business’s website and social media so the community can see how they make a difference. Weekly employee highlights are beneficial for giving team members the credit they deserve and adding some fun and relatable content to your business’s platforms. 
  1. Schedule special occasions within your workplace. You could embrace a few national days each month by bringing in treats, host a staff party for your team and their families, or run contests or games among your team for major sports or pop culture events. 
  1. Give gifts of gratitude. A small gesture can go a long way in making your team feel valued. Whether it’s a handwritten note or a little trinket, your team will appreciate that you thought of them. The holiday season is a nice time to share these gifts, but they can be meaningful at any time of year.  

People get more out of their jobs when they know they’re making a difference and that their efforts are recognized. When you build a culture of appreciation in your small business, you also build a happier and stronger team and, as a result, a better business.