Connect With Your Community on Small Business Saturday 

Nov 13, 2023

One of our favorite days of the year is almost here! Small Business Saturday is just after Thanksgiving, which means the time for small businesses to prepare to make the most of it is now.  

Why Does Small Business Saturday Matter? 

Small Business Saturday brings attention to local businesses and encourages consumers to be more intentional about visiting them. People who don’t usually shop at small businesses may be more inclined to when there is a specific day meant for doing so. 

Small Business Saturday is also a major revenue driver for small businesses. Last year, U.S. consumers spent an estimated $17.9 billion at local shops and restaurants on the holiday.  

Local businesses can expect a significant increase in traffic on Small Business Saturday that continues throughout the holiday season and beyond. In fact, 72% of consumers say that Small Business Saturday encourages them to visit small businesses for their needs throughout the entire year

How to Make the Most of Small Business Saturday 

Participating in Small Business Saturday is a great way for small businesses to connect with their communities. To embrace the holiday to the fullest, here are some ways your business can maximize its involvement. 

  1. Use American Express’s Small Business Saturday resources. As the creator of Small Business Saturday, American Express provides many resources for small business owners to prepare for the holiday. Take advantage of their tools to create marketing materials such as posters and social media graphics to promote your business’s participation in the holiday. 
  1. Add yourself to American Express’s “Shop Small” map. American Express helps small businesses reach their communities with its “Shop Small” map. Businesses can register to be added to the map so people can find them when looking for nearby small businesses. Appearing on the map is an easy way to increase your small business’s exposure to the community. 
  1. Get the word out. Spread awareness about Small Business Saturday by sharing it on all of your business’s platforms. Start promoting the holiday and your business’s celebratory activities in advance on social media, add a festive banner to the top of your website’s homepage, and send personal emails to loyal customers to invite them to the event of the season. The more excited your customers are about Small Business Saturday, the more they’ll want to spend it with you. 
  1. Give your inventory a boost. Prepare for your business to be busy on Small Business Saturday and after as holiday shopping increases. Stock up on the products that you anticipate being most popular so that customers can access what they need without waking up extra early to visit your business. 
  1. Offer limited-time promotions and sales. Give new and returning customers an incentive to stop by on Small Business Saturday with one-day-only sales. Your small business can provide discounts, buy-one-get-one-free deals, or other special offers that are only available on the day. 
  1. Make some small business friends. Partnering with other small businesses in your community can help you provide an especially memorable experience for customers. If another business’s products or services compliment yours, team up to create product bundles, provide discounts for customers who shop at both businesses, or host a collaborative event. 
  1. Create a special experience for customers. Make sure your business is the place to be on Small Business Saturday by giving customers an experience they couldn’t get anywhere else. Make customers feel welcome with an upbeat playlist, free snacks and drinks, and employees greeting customers at the door. If you have products or services that people might want to see in action before making a purchase, conduct demos frequently throughout the day. You can also give customers items that are exclusive to Small Business Saturday, like a specially branded pin, tote bag, or T-shirt. 
  1. Pursue opportunities for extra capital. Since Small Business Saturday kicks off the busiest season for many small businesses, it can be helpful to have an influx of funds at this time. A well-timed loan can help you pay for changes your business may need to make to thrive during the busy period.  

With the right strategies in place, Small Business Saturday can be an exciting and rewarding day for your small business and its customers.