Grant Authorizations and Consent

The Applicant and Owner(s)/Officer(s) identified above (individually, an “Applicant”) each represents, acknowledges and agrees that:

(1) All information and documents provided to Lendistry are true, accurate and complete.

(2) Applicant will immediately notify LENDISTRY of any change in such information or financial condition;

(3) Applicant authorizes LENDISTRY to disclose all information and documents that LENDISTRY may obtain in connection with Applicant’s application (which shall exclude Applicant’s credit report) to third-parties or entities, including without limitation any applicable federal, state or local government administrator and/or its or their authorized agencies and representatives, for the purposes of making a grant to Applicant and pursuant to the Grantee Certifications executed by the Applicant. Any disclosure of such information and documents will be in accordance with LENDISTRY’s Privacy Policy.

(4) By agreeing to this authorization, Applicant authorizes LENDISTRY to request and obtain consumer credit reports in connection with the opening, monitoring, renewal, and extension of accounts with Experian, including to ensure compliance with Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) requirements and enforcement of economic and trade sanctions in accordance with OFAC requirements. Upon my written request, LENDISTRY will tell me whether my consumer credit report was requested, and if so, the name and address of the consumer credit reporting agency that furnished the report.

(5) LENDISTRY, and each of its authorized representatives, agents, successors and assigns (collectively, “Recipients”) are authorized to request and receive any investigative reports, credit reports, statements from creditors or financial institutions, verification of information, or any other information that such Recipients deem reasonably necessary to determine Applicant’s eligibility for a grant under the applicable grant program.

(6) Applicant hereby waives and releases any and all claims against Recipients and any information providers arising from any act or omission relating to the request, receipt or release of such information.

(7) Each Owner/Officer represents that he or she is authorized to execute this form on behalf of Applicant and any additional Owners of such Applicant referenced in the application.

CONSENT TO ELECTRONIC DISCLOSURES: By marking “I accept the Terms & Conditions”, you expressly consent to transactions and receiving disclosures and documents electronically. Your consent applies to all agreements, certifications, documents and disclosures provided electronically in connection with your application. Disclosure may be provided to you either on the screen, on Recipients’ website or via electronic mail to the email address you provided. If you would like to withdraw your consent before applying for a grant, you may do so by withdrawing your application. Withdrawal of consent will not apply retroactively and will not be effective for any documents, acknowledgement or assent already received from you electronically.

LENDISTRY is a licensed California Financial Lender, License #60DBO66872