Why Sleep is Good for Business – In More Ways Than You Think

Getting enough sleep is essential to our health, our productivity, and our mental stamina. Not sleeping enough sleep costs Americans $100 billion a year due to poor workplace performance, increased health needs, and an increased likelihood of accidents.  Unfortunately, for an entrepreneur or a small business owner, not getting enough sleep is considered par for the course. But with such high costs for an individual, think of the losses to a business when the [...]

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Small Business Anti-Hacking Hacks

If you think cyber security is expensive, you should try getting hacked. Now THAT’s expensive, both to your wallet and to your business’ reputation.  According to a report by Symantec, 43% of cyber crimes were focused on small businesses in 2015, and that number has increased significantly every year. Why? Small businesses typically have the same kinds of information as large businesses do, but they usually have less security. Fortunately, you are not helpless. [...]

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CPAs Are Year-Round Partners for Small Business Owners

A certified public accountant (CPA) is an asset for a small business owner, and not just at tax time. Entrepreneurs sometimes turn to DIY methods to save money and take an active hand in running their businesses, and there are many cases in which this can work out great. Accounting is not one of them.  Small business owners are not legally required to use a professional accountant, but the financial statements and advice they [...]

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