An On-Demand Business Education Platform

We have developed an online education platform that provides on-demand education to our state programs and partners to help their small business clients grow and thrive.

Lendistry client and small business owner Deborah Spector smiling while working at her computer
Deborah Spector, Spector and Lenz, PC, Chicago, IL

Technical Assistance

On-demand courses focus on helping small business owners achieve the technical skills they need to successfully manage their business in each stage of growth.

A New Business Landscape

The way we do business changed quickly during the pandemic, and it’s only moving forward. Don’t get stuck in the past. Learn how to pivot to keep growing and combat future disruptions.

Online Learning that Fits Your Schedule

Running a small business is a 24/7 commitment. You choose the class. You choose the time. We provide everything else.

Technology is for Everyone

Technology isn’t only created for big business. Every small business can learn to leverage technology to evolve and grow, with help from the experts.


Build Interpersonal Skills

Embracing technology doesn’t mean giving up the personal side of small business. Courses include a wide range of topics to help business owners improve their relationship-building skills.

illustration of a woman on a laptop doing online learning

A Class for Every Aspect of Small Business

Extensive online courses include education in:

  • Customer relationships and marketing
  • Finance and insurance
  • Human Resources and team building
  • Technology, including Microsoft Apps
  • Self-Improvement
  • Business planning and organizational tools
  • Web design

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