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A Loan for Every Business

*Rates depend on borrower’s credit profile. SBA variable rate based on term, loan amount, and current prime rate.
**Less than 2 years considered on case-by-case basis.

Are your clients bankable?

We’ve partnered with HSBC to offer small business owners a way to build their business credit. Strong business credit helps your clients separate their personal credit from their business, increase the business’s credit capacity, and increase their company’s value. If your clients have low or no business credit, our HSBC secured credit card is a great solution.

If your client’s business is in Los Angeles or Orange County, our non-profit partner, The Center, will give your client a matching $500 when they open their HSBC secured card!

How it Works

1. Contact your Lendistry relationship manager, or sales@lendistry.com, for an application.

2. We’ll submit your client’s completed application and their check in the amount of $500 made payable to The Center to HSBC to open their secured business credit card. If your client’s licensed business is located in Los Angeles or Orange County, The Center will match your client’s $500 to help grow their business credit.

3. The secured card has 0% interest for the first year. After 12 months, your client can apply for a traditional HSBC credit card (unsecured) or close the account.


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