We’re giving you $500 to help you build your business credit.

No, really, we are!

Lendistry’s non-profit partner, The Center, has teamed up with HSBC to offer business owners a new way to build their business credit profile through a secured business credit card. Eligible to businesses that operate in Los Angeles or Orange Country.

How Do I Get My Card?

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Why Do I Need Business Credit?

Building a business credit profile allows you to:

Separate your personal credit from your business.

Improve your chances of being approved for financing when you need capital to grow.

Increase the value of your business because the credit profile is transferable to a buyer or investor.

Questions? Contact us at sales@lendistry.com or call us at 800-568-1050.

*Your $500 deposit should be made payable to The Center, our non-profit partner.

This offer matches the first $500 you deposit onto your new secured Business Credit Card with a matching grant of $500. To qualify you must have a registered business operating in LA or Orange County. To receive your secured card and $500 matching grant, complete and submit the application. Your $500 deposit should be made payable to The Center, our non-profit partner. Your deposit along with the grant will open your credit card with $1000 secured credit.  Your new secured card has 0% interest for the first year. After 12 months, you can apply for a traditional HSBC credit card (unsecured) or close the account. Using the card and paying off your balances each month will help you build good credit for your business future.