Is my business eligible?2019-04-15T09:45:01-07:00

Minimum requirements for traditional term loans are a minimum FICO of 640, two years in business, minimum monthly revenue of $12,500, no bankruptcy within the last 3 years, and no default on government debt (FHA mortgage, student loans).

How do I apply?2019-04-17T12:04:01-07:00

Applying is simple. It takes just minutes to fill out our short online form and it will not effect your credit score. CLICK HERE to get started. If you would rather speak to one of our representatives, please call 844-662-7297.

What is the approval and funding time frame?2019-04-16T10:53:23-07:00

Our approval time is usually between 24-48 hours. Once approval conditions have been met, we typically deposit funds into your account within 10-20 business days.

How much can I qualify for?2020-03-10T14:19:51-07:00

We offer loans up to $3,000,000. The amount your small business qualifies for depends on various factors including credit profile, monthly revenue, financial payment history, and business strength.

What documents are required to complete my application?2019-04-16T09:03:41-07:00

Most loans require 2 years of business tax returns, and 2 years of personal tax returns, and 3 months of business banking statements. You will also need to provide your social security number, a business tax ID number and average monthly sales.

What is the minimum FICO score required?2020-03-29T08:31:08-07:00

The minimum FICO required is 680.

Will applying for a loan affect my credit score?2019-04-16T10:52:09-07:00

Completing your online application will not effect your credit score. During the pre-approval process, we will do what is called a soft credit pull (this will not effect your credit) During the underwriting process, we will follow up with a hard credit pull, this will show your full credit report.

Is there a cost to apply?2019-04-15T09:34:05-07:00

The application and quote are absolutely free. Once we issue a Conditional Approval, we charge $200 to cover our third-party verification costs.