Ready to show off your inventory and attract new customers? Your windows are free billboards! Use these elements to project your brand onto the street and entice customers to wander in to see what you’re all about.

10. Color

There are many ways to use color to your advantage.

For example, reflect certain seasons or holidays, or use a monochrome theme with one or two complementary color pops to make certain items stand out.

There’s no one answer, but however you use color, make sure it isn’t random.

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9. Lighting

One or two spot lights or well-placed string lights make your window glow into the night. Set the lights on a timer so they stay on after closing time.

8. Branding

The theme and layout of your window display should always reflect your business’s brand and personality. Whether you embody youthful energy, neighborhood pride, whimsy or elegance, make sure your window arrangements are consistent with your vibe.

7. Props

Use a packing crate, chair, or old suitcase spray painted a vibrant color, bricks and stones, or an interesting-looking item from a second-hand store to add texture and play into your personality.

6. Geometry

Use shapes both within the display and on the window’s surface to move the customer’s eye around. Subtle or straightforward, shapes are your friends.

Tip: Go outside and put a post-it or piece of tape at eye level so you can judge where the focal point should be.

5. Lines & Depth

Take the eye of the walker-by on a journey. Placing similar items in a line that begins in the back of the display and moves forward forces their focus to move in the direction you choose. And nothing creates lines and depth like objects hanging from strings.

4. Movement

If anything in your inventory moves, put it in the display and make sure it’s running. If not, geometry, lines, and depth that cause the eye to move around the display achieve the same goal.

3. Words, Stickers & Graphics

The surface of the window adds depth and is a great place to shout out promotions and sales. Keep the word count to a minimum, but nothing puts a message across like an actual message.

2. Product Balance – and/or – Curiosity

Represent a range of inventory, and give more expensive items space to breathe. New additions should be highlighted, balanced with classics that sell consistently.

If you are a restaurant or business that doesn’t sell products, focus on setting the tone, but don’t underestimate a dose of intrigue. A little mystery is an excellent lure.

1. Change

If your window stays the same, it becomes invisible. Make a plan to change it on a regular basis. Plan the design, but take it apart and put it together in broad daylight so you get maximum attention.


Put it all Together

You should use all of these methods together, but make sure your display isn’t crowded or chaotic. Elements should be combined into a simple, eye-catching design.

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