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Water appeals to everyone, and entrepreneurs can use it to begin or improve their businesses–without using an extra drop.

  1. Pool cleaning

Do you like working outdoors and making your own hours? If you want to start small and grow at your own pace, pool cleaning is a great option. You only need a little equipment, and it’s easy to learn how to manage and use the required chemicals. As you gain steady clients and income, you can grow by adding more staff, upping your services to include repairs, or increasing your offerings to service natural pools.


  1. Water infusions

This one’s for you, restaurant owners. As awareness increases about the amount of sugar hidden in fruity beverages, infusions are becoming more and more popular. Instead of offering your customers water, offer a few infused choices. Sliced cucumbers, fresh herbs, frozen berries, wedges of citrus, or anything else you have on hand already offer a refreshing and inexpensive way to step up your service.


  1. Talk up water conservation

No matter what kind of business you run, you use water. Check out these water conservation  recommendations from the Small Business Administration, and let your customers know you’re making every effort to increase your water efficiency.


  1. Adopt water-free landscaping

The drought has made it hard for landscapers to maintain green yards and gardens responsibly. If you’re a landscaper, research and pitch drought-tolerant designs to your current and prospective clients. If your business has landscaping space, refresh your look with stone, succulents, and ornamental enhancements.


  1. Water branding

Spread your brand out into the world and add to your inventory with promotional water bottles. Insulated metal bottles are trending this year, so incorporate your brand’s colors and logo for a best-seller.