We’re based in California, where sunscreen is a year-round necessity, not a summer staple. But for some, it’s time to stock up!

Today’s consumer is more concerned than ever with being environmentally-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. Common ingredients in sunscreen, like oxybenzone, kill coral and damage reefs, making surfers and ocean lovers seek alternatives, while other chemicals have been shown to be more harmful to humans in the long-term than a sunburn.

As they tend to do, entrepreneurs are filling the demand for safer options. Here’s a list of small businesses that make sunscreen you can use guilt-free and stock to fill consumer demand.


Raw Love sunscreen was founded by Jenna Davis, a PADI dive master and SNUBA instructor whose background in marine biology and love of the ocean inspired her to develop a sunscreen that could protect your skin and make no negative impact. Raw Love is an eco-friendly, reef friendly, biodegradable, moisturizing mineral sunscreen.


COOLA sunscreen comes from right here in California and works under a “Farm to Face” philosophy. Its ingredients are natural, organic, sustainable, and locally sourced. You can even get COOLA in spray form for easy application, which is hard to find in a non-toxic sunscreen.


Rocky Mountain Sunscreen has been around since the late 80s and was invented for skiers who needed sunscreen that works in high altitudes. Like the other sunscreens above, Rocky Mountain sunscreen is made with non-harmful ingredients, and the company devotes itself to skin cancer prevention and awareness efforts in Colorado.


Supergoop! got its name because it’s fun to say, but the makers of Supergoop! are serious about safe sun protection that isn’t slimy. They want their sunscreen to feel so good on your skin you’ll wear it every day.


Sun Bum sunscreen is made in Florida and is also environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals. Sun Bum also started Protect The Groms, a non-profit organization that partners with schools across America to provide sunscreen, hats, sources of shade, and education for children to safely play in the sun.


California Baby is more established throughout the country, but this woman-owned, organic brand also makes sunscreen for babies and kids that are gentle and safe for people of all ages.