Spring is in the air, but it’s also a state of mind. All around us, the world is renewing itself for another year of possibilities. But if you haven’t refreshed the appearance of your business in a while, that bright sunlight isn’t very kind.

We’re not talking about an expensive rebranding campaign; we’re talking about a fresh face. Don’t let your business fall back into the doldrums while your customers are craving something new! Try these simple tricks to spring your business forward and brighten the days of your team and your customers.

Paint an Accent Wall (and Wash the Others)

Paint is an inexpensive DIY project that makes a large impact. You don’t have to turn your space inside out for a full paint job. One wall will do the trick and give the illusion that you’ve done the whole place up. Pick a color associated with your brand and a wall that gets the most light, and pop! Less messy alternatives to paint are fabric, wallpaper, and even upholstered walls. Texture is so in.

If that shiny new wall makes the unpainted walls look dingy, it’s probably because they are. Dust may settle on horizontal surfaces, but walls also accumulate stains, scuffs and dirt. A simple, and much easier, wall washing with water and dish soap will make them look like new.

Interior Design Trends in 2019 and Beyond

No need to hire an interior decorator. Up until recently, cool greys and darker accents were in high demand. These days, customers are drawn to warm colors and vibrant, color-saturated accents.

The old trend of industrial looking designs is being replaced by a craving for more natural textures and, again, warm colors. Updating chairs, artwork, flowers and plants, light fixtures, and more can make a big difference in refreshing your business’ look.

How do you hang unique, original, local artwork at your business without having to pay for it? Find local artists whose style matches your business persona, and display their work with price tags they choose, then share the profits with the artist.

Go Greener

There are so many ways to go green these days, and selling tote bags and water bottles just isn’t enough anymore. The most popular and up-to-date eco trends are plastic reduction, local sources, and sustainability.

Invest in compostable and non-plastic, recycled packaging, straws and bags. Mix some vintage items into your new decorative accents and fixtures, because nothing is more sustainable than re-using. Approach your fellow local business owners about offering each other better rates for using each other’s products, and offer each other occasional pop-ups in your locations.

Going green is also about efficiency. Use new technology, especially at point-of-sale (POS), to reduce paper usage and increase customer convenience.

And of course, keep your customers updated and excited about all the improvements you’re making, and hold a promotional grand re-opening when you’re done!

Finally, contact the Lendistry team if you need some working capital to help keep business booming while you make your updates.