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Your posts represent you and your business, and when it comes to mistakes, your audience is unforgiving. Social media has made grammar policing cool again (or for the first time), so take these 5 steps before you hit “post”.


5. Don’t cut characters

If sales is like dating, then skimping on grammar to save characters is a quick way to get dumped. Just ask the researchers at OkCupid who measured the response rates (or lack thereof) to messages with certain grammatical shortcuts:


Have a lot to say? That’s okay! Instead of a truncated tweet, use a thread to express a complete thought. Here’s how:


4. They’re / There / Their / Your / You’re / Its / It’s

You don’t have to be a master grammarian to jump on this common error. The easiest mistakes to make are also the easiest mistakes to spot, so triple check that you’ve used the right spelling. Thanks to your handy Twitter thread, you don’t have to shave off that apostrophe to squeeze in another letter.


3. Don’t “!!!!!!!!!”

You want to be casual and personable, but you also want to be taken seriously. Neverending exclamation points and ellipses……. make you sound less like an adult with every dot.

In fact, keep punctuation of all kinds to a minimum for a crisp, impactful message.


2. Apostrophes are never. Ever. Used for plurals.

Never. No exceptions.


1. Be direct

Use the simple present tense and skip clutter words. It’s clear, it’s confident, and it makes sure your post is read and understood the first time.

Many people slip into the future (“will”) or conditional (“would”) tense when it isn’t necessary. Also, preambles like “I believe it is”, “Some say it is”, “It is often said that it is”, slow down your message and make you sound wishy-washy. It is. Period.


How do you make sure your posts are pristine?

Don’t write and send them spontaneously. Write them out in Word first, and ideally have someone proof them. Then when it’s time to tweet (or schedule your posts ahead of time), all you have to do is copy and paste.