Helping homeless animals find families isn’t just the right thing to do–it’s great for generating goodwill in your community and increasing morale on your team.

Even restaurants and places where animals are unlikely visitors can do something in their local communities. Here are four easy options to choose from.

Hold a pet adoption event at your business

Most likely your local shelter or animal refuge league already has plans in place for adoption parties or drives. They’re getting more and more popular as people choose community non-profits over traditional parties or gifts. With enough advance notice for your customers, lots of promotion on social media and via email, your business can easily host an adoption day.

Just seeing furry friends at your business will make people want to come inside.

Foster an animal

Some animals are well suited to certain businesses, like cats and books. Longfellow Books in Portland, ME fosters 1-2 cats from the local animal refuge league and encourages customers to bond with and adopt them.

If having animals on the premises just doesn’t work for you, there are still plenty of ways to help.

“Adopt” a local animal shelter

Animal shelters need help all year, so your business can adopt the whole shelter and do several things throughout the year with your customers’ help. Supply drives where customers and staff bring in toys and food help shelters keep costs down. Making your own branded pet toys, bowls and treats that are given both to customers and to the shelter is another great option. You can also share posts about local pets that need homes.

Make volunteering at the local shelter a team building activity

Shelters often are understaffed and need extra hands to keep the animals happy and socialized. Dog walking, cat snuggling, and animal playtime in general is a mood elevator and will make your whole team happy, especially if you do it on a regular basis.

Special thanks from the Lendistry team’s furry friends!