Growth is exciting, but moving to a bigger or additional space can be a nightmare. We’ve hunted down the best office moving tips from all corners of the internet just for you:


10. Color-coded duct tape

Skip the Sharpies. Just slap a strip of tape on the doorway of the corresponding rooms and the boxes that belong therein. That’s right–therein.

(This tip care of On Task Organizing.)


9. Go to happy hour!

…Then ask your local wine and beer sellers for their empties–boxes that is. Liquor boxes are extra heavy-duty and usually have handles.


8. Plastic wrap

Instead of moving desk drawer items from desk to box and back again, (plastic) wrap it up! Use an industrial roll to group items that belong together.

(This tip care of Liberty Mutual, Moving Help Center.)


7. Back up your back-up.

Cloud it, USB it, put it on a floppy disk. Don’t rely on just one method to transport your data.


6. Snap the cords!

When you’re setting up your desk, you’ll thank yourself for photographing your cords before you unplugged them.

(This tip care of Liberty Mutual.)


5. Team participation

Moving is a drag, so have the team help with some of the fun stuff, like voting on art and wall hangings for the new space.


4. Get a handle on it.

Easily add handles to those flat-sided boxes.

(This tip care of Listotic.)


3. Do the worst task first.

You know we’re talking about you, filing cabinets. Once those files are purged and boxed, the rest of the load seems much lighter.


2. Have a Dumpster Party!

Before packing commences, have an office party to throw away or donate things you don’t need or use anymore. Why move something you don’t need to? This is also a great way to kick off the moving process and get team buy-in.


1. Delegate

Saving money on packing is one thing, but heavy lifting is a liability no-no. Hire commercial movers for the big day, and make sure their insurance is in order.