It’s almost the end of the first quarter of 2018. Have you been keeping up with your goals and resolutions? Here are some ways to keep your (and your TEAM’s) goals in sight all year without having to schedule a meeting about it.

Vision Board Reboot

Vision boards have been shown to keep a TEAM’s mindset and goals in plain sight. Who doesn’t love a giant Post-It?

At the end of last year, the Lendistry TEAM summed up their goals in one word and arranged an intention board on a windowpane with colorful Post-Its. As a holiday surprise, each TEAM member received their intention words on a keychain.

Too add accountability, at the end of every month, quarter, or designated benchmark, have the TEAM add updates to the original posts showing how they are progressing.

Reward Success

Positive reinforcement works! Tell your TEAM in advance of approaching benchmarks that the team members who are on track with their goals will be taken to a dinner or given tickets to an event, like a concert, convention or show coming to your area.

When you make the announcement, also mention the NEXT approaching benchmark and the activity those who are on track will earn, so those who are behind this time have impetus to pick up the pace for the next one.

Goal Apps

Apps like Asana, Confluence, Wunderlist and AnyDo help keep track of tasks, goals and projects. TEAM members can use them on their computers or other devices to track their tasks on the go.

All three of these tips can be used in combination for optimal goal achievement. How does your team keep the momentum going?