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You and your team want to have a little workplace fun this Halloween, but you also want to be able to look each other in the eye all year. And if you own a business where customers come and go, it’s especially important to show your fun side while staying true to your brand. It’s a fine line.

Here are some guidelines for mandatory fun time.


small business loan apply nowAssign a theme to the costumes that allow for creativity. If there’s time, allow your team to vote on 3-4 options a couple of weeks in advance. This can also align with the type of business you own. They can dress as their hero (this can be a real person or fictional – provide name tags so no explaining is necessary), dress as their favorite TV or film character, or they can go more out there and dress as their favorite food (hello, restaurants), favorite book (hello, bookstores), or favorite animal.


Whether you unite everyone under a theme or not, it’s important to not let costumes be too much of a free-for-all. Let your employees know some costume ground rules ahead of time so there’s no need to send anyone home and ruin the fun.

Employees need to be approachable to customers and to each other no matter what, so request things like no masks or face covering other than paint/glitter, nothing political, no fake blood or fake weapons, depending on your business sensibilities, and set rules about how much skin is appropriate. Remind them that this is fun, but they also represent a business.

Prepare Ahead for a Less Productive Day

Incorporating team fun into the day during business hours can be distracting, so set a goal in the days before Halloween to check off some extra items that normally would need to be done that day. That way there’s less pressure and a little more relaxation.

If you own a store or restaurant, put a couple extra people on duty for the day so the work is spread thinner.

Customer Involvement

Put out a sign that tells your customers the theme, and put out a box for them to vote for their favorites. The employee with the most votes wins a prize.

For some extra fun, assign one or two of your most artistically skilled team members to do free face painting for your customers. There are plenty of instructions and templates online.

Of course, make sure to post what you’ll be doing on all your social media ahead of time, and post fun photos throughout the day.