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Small business owners are busy by nature, and sacrificing exercise is easy when you’re filling the time with work. But the doctors at Mayo Clinic tell us that, at minimum, we need 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity every week. Half and hour to an hour per day is ideal.

These three simple challenges are designed to increase your daily activity without sacrificing time on the job. Hopefully, they’ll also lead to changes in habits after the challenge is over.

Elevate Challenge

Don’t take use an elevator or escalator for one month. In a high building or skyscraper, climb as high as you can before hopping on the elevator.

Meet Walk Challenge

For one month, every time you pick up the phone, stand up and walk around. When you plan a one-on-one meeting in person, suggest you meet somewhere you can walk and talk.

For those who love heels: keep comfortable mocs or flats in your bag.

Blue Light Challenge

Don’t watch TV for one week. An article in the New York Times revealed that between their mobile devices and home televisions, the average adult watches five hours of TV per day. If someone claims they have no time to exercise and watches even one or two hours of TV every day, it’s time to switch it off for a while.

Of course you don’t have to give it up forever. When the week is over, assess how much you benefitted by replacing that time with going for a walk or to the gym, cooking a meal, or spending time with friends and family, and decrease your binge time moving forward.

In all of these challenges, invite your peers to join you and try to keep some of the habits you’ve gained when the challenge is over.