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small business loan apply nowThe best way to accomplish a goal or New Year’s resolution is to be specific about both the goal and how to achieve it. Goals are meant to improve your business, your team, and your ability to lead. Of course, the overall goal is always to make more money and bring in more customers, but those things won’t happen if you don’t break improvement down into real, tangible actions.

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” – Zig Ziglar

Here are some great goals to set your business up for growth in 2018:

  1. To increase your following, plan three new social media campaigns.
  2. To free up your time and develop your strongest staffers, delegate two of your regular tasks to a trusted team member.
  3. To keep up with costs and stay fair to yourself and your market, review and update your prices.
  4. To ensure accountability, set dates for quarterly business plan reviews and updates.
  5. To guarantee loyalty, plan two new ways to collect feedback from your customers.
  6. To improve your standing in the community, join one new networking group or business organization.
  7. To spread goodwill inside and outside your business, plan one charitable program for each quarter of 2018.
  8. To energize your business, plan one new window display theme for every month of 2018 and delegate team members to implement them.
  9. To improve the experience factor at your business, add one new element of convenience or personality to your business.
  10. To streamline your business and make room for the new, drop two of your lowest-selling products or offerings.
  11. To keep up with innovation, replace one out-dated or underperforming item at your business.
  12. To build your team’s morale and help retention, plan one way to show your team gratitude and one team-building activity.
  13. To show your community you care, do two things that increase safety at your business.
  14. Ask your team how they think you can improve the business together.