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Want to organize fun ways for your team to bond but don’t have time to plan anything? That’s what a culture committee is for!

Here at Lendistry, we have a culture committee of three different team members per quarter. The culture committee’s job is to come up with company culture activities to bring some fun to the workplace, from small treats inside the office to activities outside the office.

Last week, we had a great experience at Fox in a Box, a locally-owned escape room franchise. Here’s what we did to make sure our team building activity was successful and what you (a.k.a. your committee) can do to plan some mandatory fun time.

Let the Culture Committee Run the Show

…But set clear expectations. Let them know that they are in charge, and while you have to approve the activity, you will not be helping them plan or execute. Make the budget clear, set a timeline so they don’t rush at the last minute, and mention any no-no activities that would clash with your brand or your desired company culture.

You will be tempted to chime in and manage. Resist. Letting the committee handle everything delegates responsibility and lets leaders rise naturally in a low-stakes scenario.

Leaving activity choices up to volunteer team members also makes it more likely that the whole team will like the activity. But have their backs and let the whole team know there is no whining in team building.

Mix Up Members

Do not allow people who are already friendly, or people who collaborate often, to work together on the team building activity. Select culture committee members who may not know each other well, and build the committee with both experienced and new employees.

On the day of our escape room antics, we did not allow the teams to choose themselves. This email went out to the team the day before: “The teams have been chosen using a random team generator app online. There will be 4 room escape options. The newest Lendistry TEAM member of each team will be the team captain and select the room for their team when we arrive at Fox in a Box.”

Support Local Businesses

We believe in small businesses and make it our mission to support them, so we suggest using a locally-owned company for your team building activity. Besides, when small businesses support each other, everyone wins.

Avoid national chains both for the activity and for any meals before or after.

We can’t wait to see what our second quarter committee comes up with!