Fairs and carnivals are high energy and, more importantly, high foot traffic events. Whether you’re looking to bring your business to customers there, or make it a venue for some corporate culture fun, everyone’s inner child loves the fair.

Mobile businesses and food trucks are an easy fit, but these days, businesses of all kinds have a presence at fairs. Remember, fairs and carnivals are pretty much all small business, community or family-run affairs, so you can feel good knowing you’re taking part in the local economy.

Here are some fun ideas to bring some carnival vibes to your small business.

  1. Have a booth. No matter what kind of business you have, if you have a booth, you’ll have a lot of visitors. Make attending the fair a reward for top performers on your team. To attract people, put out something free, like cups of water, popcorn, branded sunglasses, or other small pieces of swag. It’s always hot at the fair, so make your area cool and shady so people want to spend time there and aren’t in a hurry to move on.
  2. Sponsor an event or activity. This gets your brand out there and tells the public you have a fun side and care about your community. Send some team members to represent you in person.
  3. Plan a team building day. Let your team members let loose together. Fairs tend to be family-friendly, so there’s little risk of any inappropriate behavior. Build in time for planned togetherness in a set location, like lunch, and allow time for them to roam and soak in the energy. Wear matching company shirts so you can find each other and show up well in photos.
  4. Post on social media! Make sure to take lots of pictures of your time at the carnival and post them on all your social media. Yes, you are a professional, but the public loves to see you not taking yourself too seriously.