Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday for the floral industry, bringing in about a third of its income for the year. This year, trends are on their side when it comes to consumer demand and expectations.

The desire for locally-sourced materials is currently influencing industries like food and fashion, and it’s the same for flowers. This is perfect for florists, considering 80% of blooms are typically shipped in from outside the U.S. and almost half of the flowers ordered wilt before they make it into arrangements.

An abundance of options are available in any local area to meet color and style preferences. To help you meet demand, here are some style trends to plan for in the upcoming year.

According to the International Floral Distributors (IFD) floral trends forecast of 2019, soft pink and navy blue are the “new neutrals” this year. At weddings, these tones are encouraged to pop against more traditional neutrals.

The IFD also mapped out some more specific themes that are expected to be popular this year.

The “forest walk” trend pulls from the deep colors and textures of the forest floor with dark tones, lush greens, amber yellow, plum and burgundy alternating with muted neutrals. Patterned blooms like chocolate lace, anemones and comb flowers work well with this theme.

“Ethereal bliss” is minimalistic in mood and matches soft tints with rich base tones and warm textures. Incorporate lavender and sage, soft pink roses and dahlias, dusty miller and seeded eucalyptus to complete this look.

“Hear me roar” is for your no-nonsense, statement pieces. Rich reds are the foundation of this look, offset with teal and steadying greys and browns. Berry colors, burnt orange, and bordeau make dramatic layers and structured designs that look hand-made capitalize on the bold theme. Tropicals, gloriosas, orchids, snap dragons, and gladiolus are ideal.

Even though Valentine’s Day is a florist’s Black Friday, 50% of all floral sales come from non-holiday occasions, so balance trendy arrangement styles with a consistent plan for outreach and marketing all year.