Lendistry was named a Top District Lender for 2018 by the SBA’s Orange County/Inland Empire District Office. After receiving SBA approval in 2017, Lendistry quickly shot up the regional and national rankings. Lendistry attributes its success to their team and technology.

“Our technology enables us to reach small business owners in every community and provide them with a fast, secure way to apply for low-rate term loans. Our team then carefully matches each client with the best product for their business to help ensure sustainable success,” said Lendistry CEO, Everett K. Sands.

Lendistry operates as a hybrid between community bank and fintech. From the start, the online small business lender invested in proprietary technology to increase speed and security for its clients and to be able to control the user experience on a personal level.

Lendistry’s team, based out of their Southern California headquarters, collectively speaks seven languages, reflecting the diversity of the communities where they serve and live. Most of the team members have traditional banking experience on their resumes, and many were raised in households where a family business provided the main source of income.

“It is a great honor to receive this award; however, the true recognition should go to the small business owners who work hard every day to make a difference in the lives of others and their communities,” said Janet Perez, Lendistry’s Vice President of Business Development. Hailing from a family of small business owners, Janet knows firsthand the impact her work has on not just small businesses but on their local communities. “At Lendistry, we are committed to the success of small business owners. Their stories remind us how important it is that capital be accessible to all.”

An SBA awards luncheon was hosted by the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Friday, May 11th in Anaheim to celebrate the achievements of lenders in the district.