When the heat is waving, HVAC businesses have job security. But to cultivate long-term, repeat customers and keep their relationships with their communities strong, HVAC service providers need a solid social media strategy.

What’s the Point of Social Media Presence?

Social media gives your business a positive, likeable personality.

Let’s face it: like plumbing, air conditioning is an essential fact of life, but it’s not terribly interesting to read about. Luckily, making heating and cooling technology interesting is not anywhere near the point of a blog. Your blog is about giving your current and prospective customers an interactive experience of your brand and making them remember your name in relation to what you do.

At the base of all business practice is supply and demand, and engaging in social media illuminates your customer base’s demands, which you then supply through promotions and targeted advertising. Here’s an example of how that would work. Let’s say you are seeing a lot of content about eco-friendly cooling options, or maybe concerns about the costs of central air. You would then provide the solutions to those concerns by posting comparisons of green options or the best ways to stay cool on a budget.

Don’t Worry. You Don’t Have to Actually Write Anything

Either hire someone to write for you, or you can bypass the written word altogether and make a video blog (vlog). Compare the pros and cons of these two choices here. When your decision is made, your HVAC content strategy should include these topics.

Local-Specific Tips: Every community has its own particular concerns. In California, the A/C may be running year round. Are there health concerns with this? What can people do to stay safe? Water conservation is also important in California. How does this apply to HVAC? If you pay attention to current events in your area, you can find a way to respond to those events with something relevant to your business.

DIY and How-To Information: This may seem counterproductive because you want customers to need YOU to take care of everything, but DIY and How-To info, especially in video form, is social media share gold. Remember, the idea is to project a positive, helpful personality. Posting DIY tips will make people like you. It will not make them not need you anymore.

Think about the question you hear the most, and make that your next title. Why is my air conditioner whistling? Show ways to investigate the problem and end with a “call to action” to check in with you about it.

Compare Products with Pros and Cons: Focus especially on customer priorities like up-front price, cost of repairs and installation, efficiency, and extra features.

Your social media strategy should be focused on showing your knowledge and your personality. When you don’t have anything new to post from your blog/vlog, get creative with something quick and silly.

If a business calls on you to fix their broken air conditioner, or you’re just there to perform regular maintenance, post a selfie with them and their working A/C, smiling and giving the thumbs-up. Tag their business when you post it.

Let’s get even simpler. If it’s a scorcher outside, post photos the thermometer or a screenshot of the current temperature in your city and tell your customers to stay cool.

Remember, the purpose of social media is the same as the purpose of advertising: to associate a service with a brand in a positive way. Except social media allows for more interaction, more points of contact, and unlimited potential.