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Lendistry’s CEO, Everett K. Sands, joined area business leaders at the recent Small Business Entrepreneur Conference hosted by Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce (GLAAACC). Established in 1991, the organization’s mission is to provide support for members to grow and develop their businesses, help them find sources of funding and opportunities for networking, and to promote positive business policies and programs in local communities. Mr. Sands spoke to attendees about sources of funding available to entrepreneurs and business owners including SBA small business loans. Providing education to local business owners is at the core of Lendistry’s mission to open access to capital to all business owners, especially those in historically underserved communities.

According to a report by the SBA, minority owners of young firms are significantly less likely to have their loan applications approved. Lendistry wants to close this disparity not just by providing loans but also by providing education. Small business owners are tasked with managing all facets of a business, and not everyone excels at finance or knows the resources available to assist them. Lendistry embraces opportunities to be involved in events like the Small Business Entrepreneur Conference to help give business owners a better chance at success.

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