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Infusion Partners 360 Secure Small Business Loan from Lendistry

Infusion Partners 360, a minority and women owned small business based in southern California, is an infusion service company that partners with highly skilled nurses and health organizations to offer patients convenient, compassionate ambulatory care.  

Co-founder of Infusion Partners 360, Kenya Mills-Blane, spent many years in the healthcare field prior to starting her own small business. Ms. Mills-Blane received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from University of Southern California, and later earned an Executive Masters Healthcare Administration degree, setting her on a path to a career in infusion therapy.

Traditionally, infusion therapy required inpatient care for medicines to be administered intravenously or subcutaneously. Advances in technology have led patients of all ages requiring short- or long-term administration of medicines to receive treatments at home or other outpatient locations. Rising healthcare costs have driven the infusion therapy services industry into a global market valued at USD 13.0 billion in 2015*. Patients suffering from many diseases including immune deficiency, lupus, MS, and Guillain-Barre syndrome, or those who have received bone marrow transplants can benefit from infusion therapy.

After seven years of working in the infusion services industry, Ms. Mills-Blane partnered with Nicole Lawrence to form Infusion Partners 360 with the mission of improving patient care by fostering stronger partnerships with experienced, professional nurses and community health organizations.

Whole patient care and high reliability are core values at Infusion Partners 360, where the patient’s needs, comfort, and safety while receiving infusion therapy are the focus. Their reliable service is built on good communication, respect for patients and their families, and the delivery of consistent care in all dimensions of their work.  

When looking for a small business loan to grow her company in the constantly evolving healthcare sector, and expand their coverage area, Ms. Mills-Blane ran into roadblocks. “Other lenders wanted us to fit into a box,” she said. “Lendistry offered flexibility, and allowed our business to speak for itself.”

Like their client, Lendistry’s business model also relies on partnerships for their success.  Through their CDFI certification from the Department of Treasury, and a contribution from Pacific Western Bank, Lendistry was able to offer Infusion Partners 360 a $150,000 loan partially guaranteed by the State of California. Lendistry’s partnerships with government programs and regional banks make financial solutions possible for small businesses in underserved communities.

Mrs. Mills-Blane explained Lendistry’s commitment to helping small businesses succeed: “Lendistry gave us guidance, and communicated what we needed to do to be successful,” she said. “We’re grateful for the opportunity, and hope we make them proud.”

Infusion Partners 360 currently operates throughout California and looks to grow regionally and nationally in the near future, reaching patients throughout the country to deliver the best care possible in a variety of ambulatory settings.