Do you “do weddings”? It’s not as scary and stressful as it sounds. Yes it’s a lot of work, but it’s also a great investment for your business. All the extra time and human-power you put into it adds up to a big payday all at once, not to mention the new business those guests will send your way. According to IBISWorld, the wedding industry brings in $55 billion in revenue every year. Don’t you want a piece of that?

Here are some top wedding trends for this year that any business can capitalize on to break into the wedding scene.

10. Colors!

Whether you provide decor, place settings, desserts or flowers, you need to offer the right colors to please the wedding crowd. Blush pink, grey blue, neutrals, hints of metallics are must-haves for servicing weddings, but according to and, bright colors are making a comeback this year, so make sure you throw in some wild cards for adventurous couples.

9. Are You a Venue?

You may not think of yourself as a party venue, but more and more couples are choosing unexpected or unorthodox locations for the festivities. Not everyone can afford a ballroom or a destination wedding, so if you have a great atmosphere, view, or outdoor space, consider venue-izing. Farms are packed with potential, especially since four-legged party guests are also trendy in 2017. Do you have a rooftop that can be made-over and lit up? Think about it. Anything can be accomplished with a party tent and clean bathrooms.

8. Wedding Swag & Party Favors

If you’re a maker, a little clever designing can transform anything you make into a must-have wedding item – think cake toppers, centerpieces, napkin rings, invitation stamps, and clever wedding-y selfie props.

Moscow mules are in these days–and the mugs look great. Added bonus, giving guests something popular ensures it won’t end up in the back of their closets. What about flip flops in a variety of sizes for when those fancy shoes inevitably start to hurt? Talk to your clients about how to make the party favors unique and memorable.

7. Appeal to Couples of All Kinds

This isn’t trendy–it’s just good sense. Couples come in every imaginable combination, and they want their weddings to reflect them.

6. Barely Frosted Cakes & Dessert Hour

Attention bakers! According to The Knot and Glamour, the “naked cake”, a cake with no frosting on its sides, has evolved this year to the “barely frosted cake” with a very thin, translucent covering things up just a bit.

Dessert is also becoming like a second cocktail hour, bringing the energy back up at toward the end of the event, so it’s smart to provide smaller desserts out on tables or on trays that get people up and mingling. Make sure you integrate fun items like doughnuts for a little unforgettable flare.

  1. Green Options

Here’s the advice Glamour is giving engaged couples this year: “A fantastic celebration that’s also socially and environmentally conscious is an obvious win-win. Some ways to make that happen on your big day are opting for in-season and locally sourced food and flowers, printing your invitations on recycled paper with soy-based inks, and donating your wedding flowers to a nursing home or hospital to give them a second life postreception.” It’s in demand, now it’s up to you to supply. Include green items, but also offer advertise a donation service when the event is over.

4. Unexpected Food

Weddings are playing up the mash-up factor and reimagining casual favorites. Take it from Mindy Weiss, wedding planner, care of Vogue: “I’ve had enough of the long, multicourse formal meals with the usual fare. Guests love having familiar, filling foods—to fuel them for all that mingling, drinking, and dancing they’ll be doing! A spin on mac and cheese, fried chicken, and a delicious hearty salad with fruits, nuts, and cheese are all fun options guests will actually enjoy.”

Reinvent a traditional wedding food (salmon, or chicken?) into a taco or slider. Or spring roll. Or pizza. Serve the soup in little shooter sizes (no one ever finishes the soup, anyway). Or take some Weiss advice, and wedding-ize a comfortable favorite.

The unexpected can also be incorporated into the way the food is served. Again, 2017 weddings are upping the interaction factor instead of keeping people at their assigned seats. Family style is coming back, and more and more pre-weds are hiring food trucks for their big day.

3. Not Your Mama’s Wedding Album

This one’s for you, photographers and videographers. The more new, trendy formats you can offer, the better. Instagram videos, drone footage and photos, live streaming of the ceremony, and the newest of the new–image mapping–are just a few possibilities. Glamour says that more and more couples are hiring onsite illustrators to capture the evening–and small sketches also make great giveaways if your invite list is short.

2. Allow for Personalization

In all of the above, make sure the names of the couple; the date and the theme colors can be incorporated into your offering, especially the party favors and decorations. Engaged couples love to make things their own, so make as many factors as you can flexible and easily personalized.

1. Get on Pinterest

The “Pinterest wedding” isn’t going anywhere, so when you have your offerings lined up, get branded photos on Pinterest.

Finally, take some advice from Lendistry’s brand manager, Erin: “Companies that aren’t willing to shell out for advertising aren’t going to make it.” This is especially true in the wedding industry, where people actually still read the magazines.

Increasing your offerings to break into a new industry is a great way to grow your business, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.