Construction is necessary to repair and update roadways and traffic patterns, but it inevitably makes it harder for small businesses to maintain foot traffic. Depending on the city, construction companies are required to maintain pedestrian access, but if a customer can’t park or walk nearby, or if their view of the business is blocked, they’re less likely to come in.

Here are a few ways to keep your business vibrant and visible until the construction crew is done.

1.Go BIG with your window display. Make it bright, bold (and of course branded) enough to keep your business present on the street.

2. Be kind to the construction crew. The workers are just doing their jobs, and the construction company is most likely a fellow small business. Reach out to them and see how you can help each other stay successful and safe throughout the project. A positive approach is more likely to be mutually beneficial, and the workers are potential new customers.

3. Run a special construction promotion. Advertise a raffle, give-away, event, or special sale during the construction timeframe to tempt people into your store. If you’re a restaurant, invent some construction-themed specials to poke fun at the challenge. To help your promotion succeed, also incorporate the last three steps…

4. Put signs where they’ll be seen. If scaffolding is blocking the view of your store, put signage on the street-facing side and position items in a window display to be visible between the gaps. If you’ve formed a relationship with the construction workers, you’ll find a position that won’t interfere or get damaged.

5. Post on social media to tell people you’re open, advertise your promotion or your specials, and help them find where they can park. Post this information every day with different formats and designs.

6. Coordinate with neighboring small businesses. You’re most likely not the only business affected by construction, so work together to promote and support each other. Display information about each other’s products and promotions and generate an atmosphere of positivity around your neighborhood.