Back-to-school season is here. Last-minute shoppers are looking for convenience. Small businesses are looking to move school supplies off the shelves. 

What to do? 

Put together “BTS Boxes”–preferably with a window display to show them off–and become the hero of the stressed-out adults in your community! There’s no need to browse, because you’ve done the work for them. 

For students

These can be in boxes wrapped in paper, or you can do “All Packed” backpacks if you still have some in stock. Some should be for the little ones, and some should be geared toward middle and high school students.

The basics:

  • Notebooks, pens, highlighters… you know the usual school supplies.
  • Reusable water bottle (preferably with your logo on it)
  • Lunch box

Plus a little something special:

  • Your business t-shirt or hat
  • Your business bumper sticker (kids love to stick them on their stuff)
  • Fidget spinner

For college

College students don’t need lunch boxes, but they may appreciate a travel mug, tote bag (preferably with your logo on it), white board for the dorm room door, or thumb drive added to the mix.

For parents

Don’t forget the people who are doing the actual shopping! Parents who are sending their kids off to school can be either ecstatic or traumatized. Either way, they may like:

  • A book to read in all their new-found free time
  • A little something sweet
  • Coffee with branded mug for the early wake-up times
  • Your community’s local school calendar on a handy card or magnet, which can be easily acquired on the school’s website

A La Carte Alternative

If you don’t have time to pack up these boxes and bags, put out supplies of a reasonable price range in a buffet-style arrangement and charge a flat fee to fill a shopping bag. Less work for you, more convenience for your customers. 

These tips will make your business stand out as creative and caring… and now you have room on the shelves for all the Halloween stuff!