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Small Business, Big Deal

Help a business in your community grow and we’ll give you $500.

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Small businesses impact our communities by creating jobs and growing local economies.


They’re kind of a big deal.


Our referral program allows you to make an impact in your community by helping small businesses grow.


For each business you help, we’ll give you $500*.


*see FAQs for details

How it Works

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Q. What is Refer Lendistry?

A. Refer Lendistry is a referral program that helps small business owners find responsible, affordable financing.

Q. Who can refer a business and earn $500?

A. Refer Lendistry was designed for small business owners to refer other businesses in their community seeking capital to grow their business. However, anyone can refer a business. If you know a business looking for financing, you can refer them.

Q. Can I really make $500 just for referring a business? What’s the catch?

A. There’s always a catch. Don’t worry, it’s not too bad. In order to receive $500, the referral must close a loan with Lendistry. We will make every effort to help your referral receive affordable financing, but if the loan does not close, we do not pay a referral fee.

Q. How do I get paid for my closed referrals?

A. $500.00 will be electronically deposited into your bank account within 10 business days of your referral’s loan closing. If you refer more than one business that closes a loan with us in a calendar year we will need a W-9.

Q. What kind of businesses can I refer?

A. We generally consider every business on a case-by-case basis, but typically we’re looking for a minimum FICO of 600 and 2 years in business. However, we provide start-up capital to franchises and do fund some small businesses in earlier stages of growth.

Q. How does Lendistry track my referrals?

A. You will receive a URL with unique tracking to share with your referral. When they sign-up through the URL, we’ll email you a notification letting you know we received their contact information.

Q. What if my referral contacts you directly or applies through another page on Lendistry.com?

A. We can only honor the referral if we receive their information through your unique URL.

Q. Why should I refer businesses to Lendistry?

A. We know it can be hard to obtain working capital from banks for various reasons. At Lendistry, we take a more personal approach to getting businesses a loan. We truly care about our clients and want to see their businesses thrive and communities flourish. Referring businesses to Lendistry allows small businesses to work with a lender they can trust and a company that has their best interests at mind.

If you have any additional questions, please contact info@lendistry.com.